Moha is an artistic collective founded by Olivia Reschofsky and Alice Pons, operating in the public space of Amsterdam for over four years. Moha is the Hungarian name for moss. It is a familiar living element that grows almost everywhere, on everything in any conditions even in the most unexpected places. We are specialized in developing inclusive art projects in which innovative forms of participation and cooperation go hand in hand with the artistic experiment. The context in which we are working, the city and it’s different social dynamics as well as the research on “locality”,on how people make and use their living environment, are the starting points for all our initiatives. We attempt to reach out to a non-exclusive audience of wo/men from all walks of life including people in the margins of society.

These margins can be understood socially, geographically, culturally or ideologically depending on our point of perception. In our different projects we are curious to know what these categories really mean and how they are lived by the people. By moving from one neighborhood to the other, from one street to the other, Moha carries these projects and welcome anyone to take part from the organisation, to the artistic development, to the end result. We, as much as possible, approach our work as “ facilitators” rather than “ leaders”. Our projects take therefor the form of collaborative, on-going platforms where the public is invited to join.