MOHA is an artistic collective based in Amsterdam, making performances and events in various public spaces around the world. The context in which we work, the city and its different social dynamics, as well as the research on locality, on how people make and use their living environment, are the starting points of all of our initiatives. Through our projects, we create connections between art and other disciplines/work fields as a statement. We believe art needs to make these connections in order to take a more active part on the way society functions, the way we build our cities, the way we dream our future. We become the bridge, the joint that links un-obvious fields and people together. And when these encounters finally happen, when we join forces, this is when the future offers endless possibilities. 

In the quest of this mission, we use art as a tool to design these encounters. We become learners again, chameleons wearing the shoes of different people. We work with shop owners, maintenance workers, butchers. We clean, we carry. We cover different work-shifts. We are multi-functional art-workers, organizers, care-takers, facilitators, carrying a lot of stuff around, carving lenses, truck drivers, waitresses, social workers, mediators, cleaners, improvised urbanists and hosts. Our work is not without risk: it is hard to define on which side we are positioning ourselves. Are we part of the building's maintenance team, are we a bad entertainment act or are we the artists? In our strive to understand the different structures that surround us, we become the structures themselves.