We are multi-functional art-workers, organizers, care-takers, facilitators, carrying a lot of stuff around, carving lenses, truck drivers, waitresses, social workers, mediators, cleaners, improvised urbanists and hosts. We are part of MOHA (moss in Hungarian), a bigger organism, a living element, house to many others, growing almost everywhere, often between the cracks, sometimes invisible but always working in the corner of your eyes. Our constellation is made by many elements brought together, like a patchwork, which we can't fully control. Elements that don't always fit together, yet that creates new surprising patterns. Various people, various experts, unfitting architectural components, lost trolleys, disturbing meteorological elements, fake flowers, glitters, trash, hidden alleys, mail boxes, drinks and food, picnics, pets, and many homes. Our work is not without risk: it is hard to define on which side we are positioning ourselves. Are we part of the building's maintenance team, are we a bad entertainment act or are we the artists? In our strive to understand the different structures that surround us, we become the structures themselves.