11th and 12 Day – Senioren Flat

11th Day

Today was the day of our press conference. We therefore did not join the different shifts in the morning so that we could properly prepare. It was nice to put something together for this because it made us think of our story, the whole story of Unfolding Routines, how to keep writing it. We also chose a care gesture that we would perform to our guests in the end.

Before leaving, we passed by the bibliotheek of Nijlanstate as promised earlier to the ladies who are running it. It is a very small bibliotheek, organised by two ladies who do that with a lot of care. They make sure there are new books coming from other bibliotheks so that the people who can’t get out of the building so easily can have new things to read. They also make sure there are books with big letters as well for people who don’t see good anymore. There is of course a whole Frisian book section which they were proud about.



After this sweet meeting, we left the building to go to the glasshouse where the press conference should have happened. We prepared the space but eventually no-one came. We had the feeling that it might happen so we were not disappointed. As a reward, we had a great talk with Sjoerd who passed by to see us. It is nice to feel that the person who invited your project really cares about it.

12th Day

Today was our last meeting in our meetings marathon. It was with Mevrouw Tolman - Jensma. Mevrouw Tolman - Jensma is a beautiful and joyful lady who still have long hair which is rare at her age and which makes her look more special. When entering her apartment we discovered right away her talent in quilting. Not only is she talented but she makes geometrical figures with it that are quite impressive. On top of that she makes everything by hand! We became real fans. When asking her questions about this, she replied that she was a woman of science. She told us then that she used to be an analyst, analysing milk at first to then worked in a hospital, analysing blood. She had to get her medical diploma for this. Few years later she got married and she stopped, this is when the quilting hobby slowly begun to grew.



After our meeting with her we finalized all our invitations to the residents. We made special ones for the ones we had a private meeting with. We also proposed a new meeting when we would offer them “a care gesture”, inspired by the talks we had the week before. This private care gestures are for us like a small performances, it goes from cooking and eating a goulash together, to offer a necklace which means something to us, to give a hand massage or to give a blindfold walk. We are looking forward to their reactions.