15th and 16th Day – Senioren Flat

15th Day

Today because Olivia had some pregi appointment we worked from Amsterdam.

First we planned the follow up of our several private meetings with the residents. Then we finalized our idea for the event. We decided that we will release a collection of 15 gestures of care inspired by our stay in Nijlanstate. They are gestures we have seen or experienced during our work at the kitchen/household, or through our encounters with the bewoners, but also through our own Moha rituals, that we can consider as such.

Care is sharing the weight together

Care is receiving a secret and never giving it further on

Care is remembering the name of your post-deliverer, the man who sells the vegetables at the grocery shop, and the receptionist at your workplace

Care is peeling and cutting a fruit for the other

Care is listening to a story even if you are bored

Care is combing the hair of the other, adding a little makeup or accessory to make the other beautiful

Care is holding the hand of someone in the good moment

Care is sending a postcard from vacation or for a birthday

Care is making a toast for the other with a nice wish for the future

Care is cleaning the hands of your friend. Cleaning the clothes of your children. Cleaning your own house or the one of someone you don’t know. Cleaning the street by picking up a can from the ground

Care is baking a cake and bring it over to your neighbors, friends or relatives

Care is making a little handmade present for someone you like, for someone you just met, or for someone you want to cheer up

Care is asking how someone is today, it can be your friend, your mother who you call once a week, the grocery man or a stranger on the street

Care is carrying on with the little gestures of everyday life. Like thanking the bus driver before you get out of the bus. Feeding your neighbor’s cat or dog or watering their plants when they are gone on vacation or let someone pass in front of you in the supermarket because he/she has less stuff than you

Care is inviting someone for a dance

16th Day

On Tuesday we came back to Leeuwarden ready to enter the deep preparation for the event. We started our day with a short interview to Ieteke, the director of Nijlanstate. She just started here since only few month. She worked in the hotel industry as a freelance for long time and was hoping for a change. Something maybe more stable and a little different. She knew a little bit the place. She is quite happy about this change. She likes the challenge of her position, the different tasks she has to do, the fact that she is not running a hotel but that she is hired by the cooperative. The fact that not everything is about money but rather about the people.

Later on we joined the monthly buffet, a popular event in Nijlanstate that quite an amount of bewoners attend. We arrived at 17.35 instead 17.30 and everybody was already sitting eating their soup. We felt as if we arrived half an hour too late. Quickly we found a table where some of our friends were already sitting, for example Udomien van Halsema. Menno Johan van de Werf was also there with his wife and his daughter. Seeing all of them together like this made it clear that we actually know quite some people here. Some of the staff members were there on the occasion, as well as Ieteke, helping with serving the food, giving a little speech about it. It made the atmosphere more special.



After the buffet we stayed in the opkeamer to process with our rehearsal. Jamila joined us. It was for us the occasion to feel the space, look at it from an artistic eye and hear the beautiful song Jamila had planned for the event.

The day was not finished for us. We still had to prepare a Goulash soup for Menno as part of our private care gesture to him.



As well we had to prepare the calendar for Mvr Halsema and all the 25 boxes we will use for the event.