16th, 17th and 18th Day – International Students

16th, 17th and 18th Day

For our last week at The student Hotel, we focused mainly on preparing our coming events: The revival of the international student and the tour. Because of that we did not join anymore any of the work teams as we usually like to do.

We had 11 students who proposed themselves as volunteers to help us for the event. As expected only few of them showed up or replied to our emails. The volunteer were Adit from India, Stephan and Roxana from Romania. There mission would be to share with the audience their favourite international student games. The selected games were: Beer pong, Never have I never and Truth or dare.

On Tuesday we dropped our last messages under the doors of the international students. We met one of them in the elevator who asked us if it was us who left these letters. He seemed to be excited to finally meet us in person. We became a rumour in this building and as usual the rumor only starts to become more concrete few days before we have to leave.

The quest for a room to show during our event started on this day as well. Students were a bit hesitant and scared to share this part of their intimacy to a group of strangers therefore after few disappointments we decided together that we would play with the imagination and not let people access the room. We would nevertheless let our audience access the kitchen, which seemed to be find with all the students.

In the meantime our main star international student continued to practice for his revival, staying wrapped everyday a little bit longer. The event would be the occasion to share publicly his last hour of practice.