19th and 20th Day – Senioren Flat

19th Day

We started the day at 7:00 because we had to prepare for our tour at 8:00. 3 people inscribed to get an inside into the more intimate sharing of the routines of Nijlanstate through our own routine we developed here. We started together in our room with our usual morning musli just as we started every day as well. Then we had a coffee at the personeel room around 8:30 where the stuff is gathering around that time. After that we went to the kitchen to show the organisation there and of course our favorite item, the dishwasher. We showed them one of the empty apartment where they could use their imagination to picture the way people live here, the way they furnish their room and how they make it home. We ended the tour in the opkeamer which is the main salon, where we also did our event. Here we share with them all the caring gestures and even performed one on them: washing their hand.  As a whole it was a nice format for us to explain a little bit the background of the project, our motivation and how our daily routines looked like.


When the tour finished, no time to rest, we had to run to the conference organised by Up stichting who invited us to talk about our work here. The conference was about aging. When we arrived we heard from several people that Sjoerd, who invited us in Leeuwarden, gave the opening speech and that he mentioned his experience during our event how he prepared an apple for mv Hoekstra. This was one of the care gesture.

Care is peeling and cutting a fruit for the other

At 14.00 we had to be present by Mvr Bijsterveld and Mvr Veenstra for our private caring gesture. We decided to give them a moha necklace as a symbol of support which we felt they are for each other. In this sense it reminded us ourselves and Moha in general.

At 15.00 we went back to our sweety Atty (Mvr van de Schaaf). Our private gesture was to give her a hand treatment. However we did not get to it because we got into a deep conversation at that felt more important at that moment. She told us about her daughter, who is gay and the process of expecting it. She is coming from a religious background but that did not stop her from being open and embracing her daughter no matter what.



At 16.00 we had our meeting with Henk and Minke Kats. First we had an interesting conversation about the mother of Minke. She was sent to an elderly house when she started to need more and more care. But from then on, she decided that she wanted to dye. She stopped eating. The doctors informed the family and proposed to force feed her. When the family talked to her, she told them that she was ready to dye. Noone around her called her by her name anymore. She was only a mother, a grandmother, an aunt or a Mevrouw, but not the person she was by herself. So she was done. They managed after some organisations to request the eutanasia. Her last words were, before closing her eyes: I go to rest now. After this story, we were ready to give our private care gesture. We chose a blindfold walk for them because we felt they can challenged and they have known surrounding so well. We were surprised how much they had trust in us during this walk.



It was a very busy day, after many busy days, so we were happy to give ourselves a little treat and eat a nice dinner in a nice restaurant.

20th Day

Our day started by hearing sjoerd mentioning us on the national radio. He shared again the moment with Mvr Hoekstra and concluded that our work is somehow small but very big at the same time. After that we packed everything so that we would be ready to leave right after our last tour. We had 5 people inscribed for this tour but only one woman showed up. Nevertheless we had a great time with her. She is a very curious woman and she fitted perfectly with the subject of care. She shared with us that even if her son is 17, she still wakes up every morning when he has to wake up even if it is her day off. We told her that this is also a special gesture of care.

When the tour was finished, we were finally ready to go. We gave our last goodbye to the workers who were present, we booked a taxi and we left with a charged heart.