19th and 20th Day – International Students

19th Day

Thursday was the big day.  After buying all our necessary material, we were ready to set everything at the hotel. We started by blowing and hanging the letters of our title

“The revival or the international student”

Our event started close to the reception where we were offering cocktails and small bites to our guests. Part of our audience came from the theatre where they already went through a short prologue by our friend Biljana to put them into the mood.

When everybody arrived at The student hotel we started. Our goal was to lead the audience into a light entertainment mood, which is the mood you will find a the Student hotel on the evenings. It was at first a bit of a challenge but slowly people got into it. We divided them into three groups. This is where Roxanna our student assistant explained the rules of the international student games, while Olivia took her first group for a tour. The beer pong got taken over by a group of “future international students” not yet in the age to drink, who threw the ball in the cups and designated then the person who would have to drink. On the other side, another group was playing "never have I ever", sharing their deepest secrets. We learned about an old man who had group sex, a bearded man who drunk his own pee, a woman who killed a mammal among others.

The international students observed with distances. Despites the one who really joined and helped, most got a bit intimidated by so much external adult in their homes.

During the tour, people had the chance to access the rest of the building, the cleaning room, the long corridors, the international student’s doors, the kitchen etc.

They were led then to the final room where our international student was finishing his japanese practice. He was laid down on a table in the conference room which we prepared for the occasion. For this part we invited Rose, a Japanese/Brazilian expert on the pracrice, who invited the audience to join through small rituals to support the concentration of the student. The audience were given masks to forget as well their own identity.

When all the groups joined the last room, we read The testimony of an international student and proceeded to the ceremony. Together, we lifted the body and brought it outside, unwrapped it so that the student could be reborn.

20th Day

On Friday, we closed our project by giving a tour, this time only open for a small amount of audience. It is important for us to give space for these type of sharing as well. It gives us the possibility to share more in detail how we have been working along these three weeks and therefore to share a more layered and subtle portrait of the student hotel and its inhabitants. The journalist of “Dagblad van het noorden” was also present. We are curious to see what he will write on the subject.

Before leaving, we said a last good-bye to Claudia who was working at the reception. She helped us a lot during our stay. She was sad to see us leave.