3rd and 4th Day – Senioren Flat

3rd Day

Today was our 2nd shift with the cleaning team. Jamila who collaborated with us on this project joined us. This time we did the full shift from 9.00 to 15.00. Jamila worked with Gerry, Olivia with Gea and I joined Rudy. Rudy works here for few years. He did many different jobs before and he likes this one because he says people give it back to you. You feel valued. I vacuumed the offices and what is called “the bridge”.




The full shift is quite intense because there is so much to clean after lunch. But the beauty of it is that it is really a team work. Everybody takes part of the lunch routines. Everything goes fast. So much to clean. So much to maintain. It made me realise how much care there need to be to run such a building for a simple lunch. Because they had three people helping we could also clean things that can’t be clean because of time. I cleaned the little car that transport the food. It was a tough job. They were quite dirty. But Gea made it fun with her jokes. Before we left, Jan, the chef cook, gave us some leftover food for our dinner. We thought it was a nice gesture, since it is difficult to cook in our room.


In the end of the day, Jamila, Olivia and I were exhausted. Still we managed to exchange our feelings and start dreaming about our event.

4th Day

Today we joined the cooking team. We cleaned the grapes. Divided them into small portions. We made little bread bags with butter. We fried some rusties. We became friend with Annie. She asked us questions about our project. She said she likes to paint as well. She also loves to sail and she speaks frysian to her frysian colleagues.



In the evening we joined Eeike in her care shift from 17.00 to 20.00. At the beginning she was a bit more strict with us but slowly she got to know us and the atmosphere got more relaxed. She would first ask if it was ok if we come in as well, luckily they would most of the time say yes and we would then enter all this beautiful little apartments. It was a little bit frustrating at the beginning because felt weird to come and watch into someone’s personal place like that. But then realised that they were happy to welcome us and have little conversations. It was touching. It was a beautiful experience and we are grateful that Eeike let us join her through it. It made us think of the notion of care and it convinced us that this was the subject we should talk about with the bewoners.