8th and 9th Day – International Students

 8th day

After arriving back from Amsterdam, immediately we got hired by the reception of the hotel. We don’t know yet what exactly we will be allowed to do as receptionists. Perhaps they will be careful giving us tasks directly related to rooms check in, however we might be able to deal with luggages. Our first day will be tomorrow, so we will figure it out.

In the afternoon, we opened our office. First we prepared our next round of 287 letters. In the letter we are looking for an international student

who could play the role of the international student in our Big Final

and an international student room

that could play the role of an international student room in our Tour

Furthermore, we took of our questions from the wall and begun to write The Testimony of an International Student:

Once upon a time, the international student arrived to Groningen. She came from Kiev, Spain, Bucharest, Italy, Italy, Brussels, Baku, Romania, Romania, Romania, Slovenia, Slovenia, England, England, Scotland, Canada, Canada, Malta, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, India, Iran, middle of the Pacific Ocean, probably Polynesia and Emirates.

He did not like London, but wanted to escape his home. He had study opportunities. She fell in love with the country.

It was a personal decision. It was a personal decision. Personal. It was both, a personal decision and one that someone else made for him.

She was 21. She was 20. She was 21. He was 18. He was 20.

Later on we dropped the 287 letters under the doors. Due to our cleaning work, we were much more confident in how to navigate through this labyrinth of corridors.

9th day       

At 14.00 Alice started her first shift at the reception. She was a bit nervous at first because starting something new is always a step to make.

 The shift started with Bianca and Thijs who were doing the “early shift”. Bianca is from Romania and lives in Netherlands for already 12 years, she works for some time at the student hotel. Thijs is an intern who started this year.  He was the one guiding me mostly through my tasks at the beginning.

My first task was to check the mail that student received and put it in their postboxes.

The reception is a place where all students pass by one time or another. It can be to get ping pong rackets, to chit chat, to pick their packages, to get a candy, to complain about a flatmate, to ask questions and so on. It is the reference place of the whole student hotel.

Open 24h on 24h.

At 15.00 the late shift started with with Claudia and Jasper. Claudia took over with explaining me more of the secrets of the reception. Jasper liked to share stories.

He told us, for example, that he tries his best to give attention to all the students. Even the one who stay mostly in their room. He has his techniques for that. For him the STH is like a high-school with cool kids, shy kids, uncomfortable kids etc.

After Alice’s shift we opened our office. No students came to us yet after our letter call for for participants.It is ok, it takes more time to convince people to take part into some unknown and weird projects. We are patient. Adrian, the Belgium psychology student, passed by to say hello. He is always at the student hotel, even though he doesn't live here anymore. Maybe we convince him to help us for the event ;)

We developed one of our station into a series of statements inspired by the postages the students filled the week before. When students walk by, they look at our fotos and stories. At least we get some visibility. We wonder what they think.