10th and 11th Day – International Students

10th Day

Today Olivia worked at the reception. After the shocking realization that Claudia (the intern at the reception with whom we are in daily contact the past two weeks) is also Hungarian just like Olivia, she had to buy a pumpkin to boost the ticket sell for the Halloween party. Not only she had to buy it, she had to carve it as well for the first time in her life. Following a youtube video she even learned how to add extra teeth with a toothpick. Here is the link to the ones interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUVNHh2hkGU

In the meantime Alice prepared the volunteer call to the students for hosting the event with us on the 25th. She placed it at the reception while Jasper designed for her an inscription paper.

Around 17.00, we moved to our usual routine at our office and we continued the testimony of an international student:

His life was bad where he was before. His life was typical middle class high school student where he was before. Her life was chill where she was before. She wasn’t that stressed, because her parents were with her before. Her life was always with friends, happy and with something to do where she was before. Her life was less independent where she was before.

She came with a car. She came with plane. She flew and took a train. He came with car. He came with plane, train and bus.

After finishing this task, we started to feel a little bit lonely. No student had reacted yet on our letter. We were wondering why. Of course we know it always takes time and the middle of the second week is always a little bit lonely: after the surprise of the first days people get used to you and don’t necessarily come to you anymore. Nevertheless we should have remembered that there are always some people who see us and wait for their moment to come. This is when, very unexpectedly, a boy sat in front of us. He came to share his struggle. We engaged in a long conversation about panic attacks, drug use, absence of relationship, psychological disorders. We don’t know his name but he has been acknowledging us from the moment we arrived.

Right after, a girl sat in front of us. Her name is Gocke. She is from Turkey and studies psychology. She was curious about our letter and wanted to know what do we need. She agreed on becoming one of our volunteer for the event.

On the same evening we got three subscription from the reception call.

So after afterall we should never worry too much because there are always people who see us...

11th Day

Today was the day of our first ever Press Conference. It was also the day of our first take over on instagram. We took over the account of TSH Groningen and Grand Theatre. We never posted that many pictures and hashtags in our life.

At 16.00 we welcomed our guests at the entrance of the hotel.

They joined us at the office, got introduced to our research and then followed us on a small tour through the building. In the end, they had the chance to see the international student we are preparing for our event. We are keeping him the basement where he is doing a practice for us to forget his identity as an international student. It is a Japanese practice in which you are wrapped and isolated for few hours to feel closer to your own death. We decided the basement is a good location because it is quiet but visited sometimes and has a specific temperature in between the inside and the outside.

At the end of the day we put the epic posters of the event and noticed as well that we had two more volunteers inscriptions.