"White is old fashioned"

Inspired by the sales-girl of Hunkemöller of Bijlmer poort, the “White is old-fashioned” takes underwear one step further and brings the sock into the lingerie assortment as a serious seamless and sexy product. 

Following all of today’s trends for BH’s and slips the “white is old-fashioned” is seamless, invisible under your pants, black, sexy, enforces strong shapes, lets imperfections disappear, and makes you feel proud. So exciting! Don’t be shy, this pair will make you feel comfortable and secure about yourself.


 "Just Bling"

We can talk long or short about this but; as long as it blings: it blings, right?! 
The 8th pair of socks in the Bijlmer Socks 2018 collection of MOHA impact products therefor is “Just Bling”. Perfect for a romantic dinner or a christmas evening with family at home. Just sit, relax and put your feet up so that everyone can see you shine in sparkling comfort! 



“Pineapple-Cat-Love” is inspired by So-Low: the shop that sells everything that you don’t need. Left alone on a toxic safari through the endless labyrinth of rows of tacky consumerism, just makes you to want it all.

While exiting with some pairs of one-coloured socks and festive exotic (they told us that sells well nowadays) stitch-on-applications, we realised that this is actually a beautiful strategy: The “Pineapple-Cat-Love” socks encourage you to stay true to your inner self and create your very own style.


 "All colour DIY"

Hand-made by the MOHA impact industry team this colourful and stretchy sock will lighten up even your darkest mood. Made with a colourful popular fabric from the most famous fabric shop of the Bijlmer poort.

The “all colours DIY” gives you space to move. Wear it and feel yourself challenged to go off your usual path, to question what you think you see and know, and to stretch beyond what you think you can.


 "Sexy De Boer"

“Sexy De Boer” is the result of a collaboration of MOHA impact industry with Toon and Jeanette, brother and sister running the family photography business of many years, ‘Foto de Boer’ on Bijlmer poort.

This long and elegant sock invites the gaze of the photographer to take her(the sock) into a world of intrigues, shadows and sensuality. MOHA lends its image on the occasion by providing their own model, Alice, bringing this way the sock to a new level: a joint special marketing pleasure.


 "Let's ruffle"

“Lets Ruffle” is designed by Regine Kamerling / Kitchen for Fashion for the Bijlmer Sock 2018 collection. This sock combines Kamerling’s mixed Ghanese and Dutch roots, and reflects her unique style.

In her design of “Let’s Ruffle” Regine brings back a childhood sock-nostalgia: the rouches of fabric around the top of the sock that adorned her ankles as a kid. And for those who think a ruffle is too girly for them: ’a ruffle’ is also a vibrating drumbeat, and ‘to ruffle’ means to disarrange and create disorder.
 — with Clara García Fraile.


"The Ricardo"

The “Ricardo” is a limited edition of socks generously contributed by Ricardo, the owner of the colourful Moda di Ricardo and Donna di Ricardo shops, to be found exclusively in the Bijlmer poort.

The socks are signed by Ricardo himself, and it is this signature that doesn’t only carry his inclusive vision on business, but moreover stands for a vision on life, attentive to all different desires, tastes and thoughts of the variety of peoples on the street, and all the stories they might have to tell.



 “bɛilmər retold”

For “bɛilmər retold” socks we used an old symbol, however it sits above your ankle: this means you make it move as you walk, and by going your way you do show the route through what the Bijlmer is for you today.

Photos of the Bijlmer of fifty years ago show a series of high-rise buildings laid out in a hexagonal grid. It would become a recognisable signature. This symbol is manually printed on the especially for the 50 years of Bijlmer celebration developed, “bɛilmər retold” socks.