"At first they are a surprise. Something out of the ordinary day of those people repeating their days every day. After that, they become a recognised presence, something strange, but not surprising anymore. But suddenly, they become part of this "every-day". We could argue that BlueGorilla brings a light point of view to this everyday life. That BlueGorilla allows you to scape a possible tedious repetition that we cannot run from. To me, BlueGorilla stands exactly when they stop being amusing. When they become an exact reflection of a relation to life that is based on values that we don’t question enough. It is then that BlueGorilla becomes a mirror, allowing ourselves to observe our life. And our choices. And the choices that were made for us and that we don’t question anymore. It is then that BlueGorilla makes us question. And after this point a possible gorilla, or a possible blue girl, can emerge from us and make us take our stand."  

/Gabriel Zimbardi/Galeria Vermelho - Sao Paolo

BlueGorilla is a gorilla and a blue girl who dance for hours, days or weeks in unexpected, left-alone or unattractive spots. BG mark their territory by placing a carpet on the floor, where they sleep, sit or dance, and by decorating their space with ribbons and party artefacts. Disco, fake hiphop, trans, couple dance, movies, acrobatics are part of their repertoire. They come and go but always return to their spots: parking lots, public toilets, entrance halls or dark staircases. One could easily associate them with vagabonds yet they tend to be tolerated, even appreciated by the people who encounter them.  A passer by, a dreamer, a curious eye will identity with their persevering presence. The rumour says they were seen dancing in the toilets or at the entrance doors of famous art events.













Project supported and produced by AFK, Gemeente Zuidoost, Open Art Route, FLAM, Tweetakt, Netherlands. Verbo, Galeria Vermelho festival, Brazil. Raumars residency, Finland. Palais de Tokyo, Do Disturb festival, France.