BlueGorilla in Finland – First days in Rauma

8 August- 1st day BlueGorilla in Rauma

We chose two spots for our new BlueGorilla series in Rauma. One is in a parking lot in the middle of a neighborhood surrounded by middle-size block buildings, also known as Lajos. We have audiences from the windows, people coming and going with their cars, and the workers in the area: construction workers, garbage men, gardeners and cleaning persons. Our first day was sunny and light. We had quite some positive reactions from people, smiles and little attentions. These are details that help us to go on. We made our first friend: a big young man who seem to have 5 cars or more in this parking lot. His main car was broken so stayed around us for an hour, I think. He tried to speak to us but he spoke in finnish and didn't seem to speak english. We waved to each other when we left.

Our second spot is the parking lot in front of the S-market. It seems like the only space for social interaction in the area. First we come inside in the small cafeteria to have our coffee. When we are ready, we continue our dance in the spot not too close to the entrance, on the side. This is also where we practice. There is more people passing by there than in our first spot. People park their cars and go shopping. No-one came to talk to us. We met our first friend again there in a truck. The 6th car. We waved again. Waving always feels nice, it is the first trace of communication.

9th August- 2nd day

Today was a rougher day. Our first spot was somehow much emptier than yesterday. The people we saw seemed colder and more distant. No smile or positive reactions. People pretend they don't see us but when they are a bit further, half hidden, they observe us quite carefully. They film us or take pictures. I noticed as well much more secret audiences today from their windows. They are observing us. We will get to know them after a while. One guy screamed something from his window after we started dancing. We don't know what he said. I hope it was not a mean thing. We just kept going. A group of construction men walked in front of us. We suspect them to walk this direction just to check us up from closer. They did the same. They pretended they did not see us but further they looked at us.

Our second spot was also tougher. The weather is not good today and this always has an influence. The security guy of the supermarket came to ask what we are doing here. People called him to say we are here. It should be ok as long as we do not disturb other people. He needed to show that he is the one in charge, and he needed to know us. We made a second friend: an old man taking care of the garbage. He smiled and waved at us. He was here also yesterday. He came to talk, but he only speaks finnish. We told him where we come from.