"Tonight you will become Blue. Blue is somewhat naive, ambitious and passionate. She puts her heart in everything she does. She has a good sense of humor. She can easily make people laugh. She is also a workaholic. She doesn't know how and when to stop. But she is fast. Someone once said, she is faster than her own shadow. She sees herself as a loyal and committed individual. When things around her are not fair, she gets particularly affected by it. It is difficult for her to let go then. She likes challenges and she always wants to do more. She can be quite hard on herself from time to time.

Tonight you will become her. You will step into her shoes. You will become Blue

The person sitting next to you, will be your partner in crime, Gorilla. When things are too tiring or too scary, when things are overwhelming, when the future gets a bit blurry, there is always Gorilla to help you go through it. Gorilla is your rock, the one you can always count on. The one who will calm you down when you panic. Who will always respond to your text messages, even in the middle of the night or from vacation. The one who will always remind you that sometimes what you do is already enough. There is no need to always run."


For the last one year and a half Olivia and Alice went looking for the motivation and drive that moves people to do what they do. They took on internships in different working fields and unfolded routines. They folded towels and made sandwiches in a small family run hotel, picked up garbage from the streets as the interns of the public cleaning department, and cleaned toilets at The Student Hotel. 

In It's gonna take a little work MOHA ends their routines where they first started them a year and a half ago. This time the roles are reversed as the audience steps into the routine of the artists themselves. It's gonna take a little work is a theatrical embodied immersive experience of the many routines, secrets, accomplishments and tragedies the artists encounter through their works.

Work made in collaboration with theater maker Biljana Radinoska