It’s Gonna Take A Little Work – Het Huis

We didn’t post anything here for some time but here is a little series of videos to seduce you to come to our next show, It’s Gonna Take a little work. We premiered in in Veem in December and have the chance to present it again in Het Huis, Utrecht on 18th March.

“For the last one year and a half MOHA went looking for the motivation and drive that move people to do what they do. They took on internships in different working fields and unfolded routines. “We folded towels and made sandwiches, picked up garbage from the streets or cleaned toilets. In this new work, the roles are reversed as the audience is invited to step directly into our routines as artists.”

It’s Gonna Take a Little Work is a theatrical embodied immersive experience of the many routines, secrets, accomplishments and tragedies MOHA (and perhaps sometimes you as well?) experienced in the last 7 years. ”