In our subsequent search for "The impact" we met Paul and Guus and James and Klas and Frank and Michel and Geert and Jarno and Jordi and Brian and Clifton and many more...

They are the ones cleaning, repairing, maintaining, cutting, watering, planting, digging, filling. 

Working every day at 7am. Always here. Always there. Constant. They are The routine of the city.

Nothing to be romantic about as we tend to do as artists, work is work and this work has nothing to hide.

It needs a good practice what and how to pick up. We use a long picking stick and the soul of our shoes, to bend the very flat pieces and make them easy to handle. If you can hear Guus well while he is driving, he will provide a detailed professional insight on the functioning of The Machine. People call him "The Machine expert". Public space should be green! But not too much. Bushes grow too high and dense in between residential houses, where ghosts or other creatures can hide too good.

Beside learning very practical impact skills, how to pick up the fastest the garbage with the ‘pricken’ or how to repair a road damaged by a mole or by the roots of the tree, simply knowing how to move the stones, we also realised that we have a tendency to overthink (whine) about our work too much, when in some points "it just needs to be done." (Paul, chief of clean team)

Project part of De Nieuwe Banne program, supported by Over het ij festival.







You are stuck in your profession, uninspired, or bored, or unmotivated. Do you feel useless? Then it is perhaps time to put your working clothes on and join The Impact tour! At 7am follow our professional impact team, the best group of city experts, for a moment to clean..

your life. BE READY for the change.