"To me, BlueGorilla stands exactly when they stop being amusing. When they become an exact reflection of a relation to life that is based on values that we don’t question enough. It is then that BlueGorilla becomes a mirror, allowing ourselves to observe our life. And our choices. And the choices that were made for us and that we don’t question anymore. It is then that BlueGorilla makes us question. And after this point a possible gorilla, or a possible blue girl, can emerge from us and make us take our stand."

/Gabriel Zimbardi - Galeria Vermelho - Sao Paolo./

 “MOHA is taking a pioneering role by researching new forms and, at the same time, doing this with a context that is not evident for this kind of work. They move from performance festivals to the Bijlmer and do this with the same openness and sharpness. In recent years they have produced a series of interventions and performances that mainly took place in public space, their signature has become increasingly clear.”

/Anne Breure - artistic directeur of Veem Huis voor Performance/


“I didn't quite understand the meaning of the costumes, but their "kitschy" look with your extremely humble position brought something bizarre and mocking to this "temple" of modern art.”

/An audience member about BlueGorilla in Palays de Tokyo/

“We are impressed by the work of Moha. It is based on long-term genuine interest, huge sensitivity and an awareness of the force field of human responses and projections that one enters when engaging so closely with communities. Moha is a master at mediating and embodies the ethical attitude she proclaims effortlessly, or so it seems. It is the cornerstone of its credibility, which we consider undisputed.“

/DAS Theatre/