Move.Dance.Act proudly presents

The Strange Urban Folk Dances

made for our beloved neighborhood, Oud West, our home.

If you are curious to join into something a little unusual. If you are not looking for a typical dance class but more of a place to experiment and let go at the end of the day. Move.Dance.Act is maybe the place for you. We are a lot of different people, we don’t judge, we embrace awkward moments and we play with what we have.

With “The Strange Urban Folk Dances” we invite you to dance with us through the hidden, intimate and warm surrounding of Da Costaplein, the chaotic crossroad of Kwakersplein, the colorful street of Ten Kattestraat market, to finally celebrate being together through our hectic yet familiar Kinkerstraat.

Let's meet on Tuesday 27th June at 18:30, starting at Kinkerstraat 42.

You are more than welcome!