Move.Dance.Act is an open research lab operating weekly in Amsterdam since 2013. The aim of this initiative is to practice “working together” through open artistic research with a diverse group of people (professionals and amateurs, with different socio-cultural backgrounds and ability levels). Over the years, MDA has become a regular meeting point for many people. These gatherings have become an organisational locus for various events and projects in Amsterdam, initiating critical dialogues and connections within disparate communities across the city.

Kriss. Expert in survival and day by day life. Shares his expertise by telling stories we rarely hear, by creating a space where there is none, by making new acquaintances as the days come, from cops to artists, from alcoholics to activists.

Thea. Expert in developing alternative communication beyond word-spoken languages. Shares her expertise by making herself comfortable at any moments, in any places and therefore by making you comfortable as well.

Shallandra. Expert in independent thinking. Shares her expertise by providing sharp analyses in various needed situations. Raising our awareness towards what we sometimes do not see.

Piotr. Expert in catching up with the flow and improvisation. Shares his expertise by singing, jumping, smiling, joking. No language barrier will stop him.

Bas. Expert in dedication and unexpected craziness. Shares his expertise by being always available to help, supporting, organising, translating. As well surprising us everyday with new tricks and personas one could never imagine.

Rietje. Expert in fashion and dancing. Shares her expertise by coming every tuesday with new colorful outfits and by always being the first one to dance. Any time, any places she will take you to the end of the night.

Sumi. Expert in innocent charming. Shares her expertise by welcoming any new comers warmly. Commenting actions with humour. Flirting with sweetness. And laughing with full heart

Enno. Expert in embracing awkwardness. Shares his expertise by finding himself most excited in challenging situations. No fear of failure, always ready to play and to dance.

Zsofi. Expert in the poetics of details. Shares her expertise by having an eye on forgotten words, objects, corners. Bringing a poetic look to our surroundings, stories and personas.

Olivia. Expert in breaking the ice and booty shaking. Shares her expertise by always building up the group energy with humour. When the group is on fire booty shaking always joins the game.

Alice. Expert in hosting, connecting and losing objects. Shares her expertise by building a safe and warm ground for the fun to happen. She is the master of the key even though she already lost it 3 times.

Rex. Expert in movement and simplicity. Shares his philosophy by jumping in at any times with his laughs and flowing energy.

Abel. Expert in playing. Shares his expertise by teasing, challenging, supporting, embracing, dancing along, listening, sounding. Will always challenge us by bringing us into his atmospheric and rhythmical moods.

And many more thoughts to the passers by, the dreamers and the others who shared their journey with us for some time, Alicja, Camilla, Cecile, Elmer, Moises, Jonna and more...

Will you be the next one?

Project produced with the help of ABC Alliantie West, Gemeente Amsterdam West, Fonds voor Culturparticipatie. Photos David Cenzer