Palais de Tokyo – Do Disturb Festival

After 3 days of BlueGorilla and CareWorkers, Do Disturb festival at Palais de Tokyo is over.

We danced for hours and hours, almost fainted sometimes, drunk litres of water, got noticed and forgotten again, kept on going in our corner at the entrance like two surrealist slightly manic characters who are here for you but also not at the same time. We became cleaners of the Palais de Tokyo, we disappeared in their corridors, elevators and stairs, gave massages to the guardians and put glitters around their chairs. We painted the toilets, inserted fake art works in most obvious places, invented new rules.

Our work is not without risk: hard to define on which side we position ourselves. Are we part of the building's maintenance team, are we bad entertaining dancers or are we the artists?

Thanks to the #DoDisturb fesitval who gave us the space to stand on this border and who took the risk to invite various performance artists in a building with a big name and history.