Rauma 10th/11th/12th August

10th August- 3rd day

Today the sun was back which made again everything easier. It seems like things start moving in our little neighborhood. It is funny how things can change from one day to another. We had three people who came to talk to us. One after the other. Maybe people dare to come when they see from their windows that someone came already. They were all women. None of them spoke english. The first one came out of her building specifically to ask us what we are doing. The second one stayed for some time with us and we communicated with hands. She took a picture with us on our carpet. She wanted to take of shoes, but we told her it is not necessary. The last woman was shy but came from her car to ask. We met her again on the other spot. We waved at each other as if we knew each other already for a long time. The old man who screamed at us from his window yesterday passed today with his bike close to us. He did a small detour just to look at us from closer. Like if we wouldnt notice.

In the second spot our garbage man was there like usual. He is also a gardener. He explained to the fruit lady who we are. People who becomes our friends like him, create their own story about us. The fruit lady was curious about us. She got out of her stand many times to observe. We charmed some kids as well.

11th august

We didn't do BlueGoriila this morning. We pulled our Joker. We have few like this during our stay. People think we disappear for a day but we always come back. We met this afternoon people working at the youth center for re-insertion. We explained a little bit our project. We will come from monday on to eat lunch with people there and see what we can do together. They are apparently very shy and do not speak english. We will have to find different strategies to communicate.

12th August

Today is the last day of our first week. People talk with each other and start to know who we are. Or they make up a story for themselves. Hannele, the woman from the residency, passed by. She was around filming and people came to talk to her. They told her: We see them every day. Do you know who they are? They come here and they dance. They dance very good. Have you seen the Gorilla and the fairy? One man made a comment about us dancing in his bedroom. This was a bit edgy. The rumor is spreading in the city. Olivia is proud to be a fairy.

We saw the old man when we were having our coffee at the cafeteria. He came to talk to us. The only thing we could understand was Kiitos, which means thank you and Viro, which apparently means Estonia. Maybe he is from there or he thinks we come from there. For the rest we communicated with the mysterious language of our hands. We can say and understand more than we think.