Rauma 15th/16th August


15th August

First day of our second week and it is raining intensively. Fortunately we have our little pink umbrella. We dance in the pouring rain no matter what. People go to work no matter what. The parking is emptier though. After a while we had to give up and go find a shelter. Our big friend from the first day was here again.

Our second spot was rather agitated because of the visit of the press. They made an interview and asked the question: Are the people different in Finland? We said: People are the same. People are people. We ended up dancing surrounded by 3 photographers who made us look like the stars of the supermarket. People who see us everyday must have been quite intrigued by this situation. I wonder what they thought. Did we become famous in Rauma during the week end? Tomorrow we will have our pictures in the two local newspapers. A good way to spread BG rumor even faster than it does already.

We went to have lunch at the youth place. We were a bit scared that no-one would talk to us. We didn't know if going there with our costume would make our situation harder or better. Nevertheless we decided to keep it. We made two friends. One girl wants to join the project.


16th August

Today the fame arrived. The ice broke. Allthough the red car woman, who we see every morning, never even looks at us, we got our first dance move. It came from the construction workers. They are always our first friends. Everywhere in the world. People are the same. They made a light show with their trucks. We hope it was for us. It was impressive. There is a man we never mentioned. He lives on the first floor. Just at the right side. He often just stands there and stares. We will call him the man of the first floor.

The fruit lady became our main audience. We never talked. We never waved at each other but we know. She is with us.

At the youth center we found the newspaper featuring us. Our two friends translated the whole text. When we came home someone new added us on facebook. The big young man. He found us via the article. As much as we noticed him on the first day, he did the same. He posted a photo with a comment: Täytyy sanoo nyt olen kaiken nähnyt lajolla. It means: I have to say now I've seen everything in Lajo. We are proud to be in his post. Two of his friends posted picture of us from their car. We are becoming locals. The article brought more fame. We got invited to two festivals.