Rauma 17th/18th/19th/20th August

17th august  

It was pretty empty today. No one at the windows. No construction workers. The art-museum director came and took pictures. It felt a bit strange because he came very close and we were only the three of us in the whole area. He took a video of us.    

The old man talked to us again. He was going early somewhere with a bucket. We think maybe to fish. He talked about a woman. There is two new characters: The woman waving in the car and the woman watching in the car. We have already spotted them the other days.

We took our coffee with Jari, the photographer. He stayed with us at the parking and took pictures. There is a new fruit lady today. She got updated about us from all the people of the parking. No time for her to wonder. She checked quickly. She smiled when we left. We made a very good dance and that created lots of enthusiasm at the parking. One very excited woman came to say it was great. She wanted to tell us a lot more. She was a bit disappointed that we don't talk finish. An old man in a truck watched us for an hour. He was our longest audience of the day. Jari told us he thinks he is a pervert. The man with the big car was there again. He was watching us from far.


18th August

BIg day. Before we started dancing we had a visit from the old man and his wife. First time we met his wife. She was very emotional. She gave us an important speech in finnish. It didn't matter if we understood or not. She hugged us. We took series of pictures together. Family pictures. She was almost crying. The old man is very humble. He shook our hands. People were back at their windows. I guess it had nothing to do with us but only because the sun was out. It always feels like we have audiences when it happens so it's nice. We don't know if we should wave to people or not. We don't want to be too pushy. Some of them we start to know quite well though. Next time we might try.

After our dance we wanted to drop the BlueGorilla messages we made the night before. In this letter we encourage our neighbours not only to send us the videos and photos they made of us, but to become the ones who document the project. We hope some of them will react. Unfortunately we did not manage, because the postboxes in Finland are situated on the doors directly. It would have been too much work with all our props, so we decided to try it again in the week end.

The main fruit lady was back. The young blond one. The one we know the best. Our secret friend. We got our first exchange: a smile. She followed us dancing again. She must be the one with the most videos about us.

19th August

Morning Joker

We were invited to perform this evening for the opening of the Baltic sea film festival.

We danced an hour at the entrance of the cinema, where people were waiting in line. Olivia had an admirer who stayed around her for the whole time. We made quite of an impression. We were dancing in full sun. It was hard.

 20th August

We dropped the BlueGorilla post as planned. The old and his wife heard us and opened the door directly. I was already going down the stairs when I heard my name ¨Alica, Alica¨. I had to go back up. Their house is exactly how I imagined. With the same cute old flower couch and  a tv. They took a picture of me and gave me a letter. Inside was a picture of tree in the snow. In the back was written ¨ This is where I come from¨. We thought it was a beautiful gesture.