Rauma 22nd/23rd/24th/25th August

22th august


It was raining a lot this morning so only went to our second spot.

We started very lonely, it was still dark and wet. But then we got our second present from an old man who was wearing a jogging outfit. The only thing we could understand from his speech was the word ¨humor¨. He gave us two bananas. He talked very articulated and slow to us but it didn't help our understanding. A chic old woman came to ask us why we don't dance in front of the supermarket entrance. I think she gave us compliments as well.

At the Youth center we presented our movies. We had some technical problems like always. Suvi will our working partner. She is an enthusiastic, curious and very sweet girl. Looking forward to our collaboration.

23th August

We are in the middle of our project. It is a challenging time. We are a bit demotivated, exhausted and tired. It is harder to wake up and to choose the right dances to perform. But we keep going and we still get surprised. Just like when the old man, Jari, and his wife, Marit, brought down a present for us. A drawing of two little characters in the forest. They also told us their birthday which is: 1961.23.04 and 1961.10.09. The construction guys are back. One of them said Hi but we dont know who he is. It is difficult to separate them from each other from far because they always wear the same clothes. We never talked about the mafia guys. They are two mid aged man, live behind our spot. They always make a round around us with their car. Today one of them sent a kiss. The man in the first floor is looking at us everyday but we still dont dare to wave. A new character is the Taxi man. His car is just besides our spot but everytime he leaves we have the feeling that he deeply hates us. You know you can sense these things.

We met Suvi to talk about our plans for the movie. She will direct 2 interviews for our documentary. One with Mika and one with Jari and Marit, if they accept. We asked her what she can imagine as a video clip for BlueGorilla in Finland. She came up with a great idea. We will do a cheering video for the ice Hokey team of Rauma which is very big here. We are looking forward.


24th August

It was a quiet morning. After our performance we went to give a letter and our little Bluegorilla gadget as a present to Jari and Marit. In the letter we asked them if they would accept to make a n interview with us in their home next thursday.

We made a poster. A competition of the best photo/video from BlueGorilla. The winner gets a surprise. We placed it at the back door of the supermarket. That was the only place where it was permitted. But we found an alternative. We bought a wooden plank, sticked our poster to it and placed it just beside the front door. We are not so convinced but we will try longer. We dont know if this would be tolerated by the security guy. We are ready to stand for it. The news guy stopped us in the middle of our dance, wanted to cover our story, but we said it was already done. When we finished the disco dance choreography, we realised, its a good dance because it makes you feel you work, like you have a goal.


25th August

The construction work is spreading. They are now in front of us, being our main audience. Their chef came to us and said they are making a 10km pipe tube. He also said artists are allowed to be crazy. We saw a cat in the window looking at us. Another character we never talked about: The woman in the folkloric dress. She was always quite distant, but today we saw her spying behind the window. It took her almost three weeks. The taxi guy passed us again and Mika as well. He always has a little friendly attention to give us and now he honked at us with his car. There was no visit from Jari and Marit, but Jari waved from above. There is also the secret kiddo, behind the window and the little girl who fims us everyday from her phone while biking along our spot. Olivia and her always have an eye contact. The man on the first floor was here again.

All of our best friends gathered and looked at us for while. The garbage man, the blond fruit lady and the guy with the big car. It gave us a good feeling to have them around. It feels like a little community. We were dancing our Trance and we both were enjoying it very much after a long time when a fancy looking older woman stopped us. She said she heard someone is french here. She was from the Jehovah witness and invited us for their gathering on sunday. She gave us a little booklet about the bible in english and in french. We dont know yet if we will attend. About our poster, no reaction yet but there is two more weeks.