Rauma 29th/30th/31st August and 1st September


29th August

Jari and Maarit came down. We got a new present. A little stuffed tiger. It was very unexpected and kind from them. Besides this little moment it was a very unlucky day. Nothing worked. It was grey and cold, 11 degrees, and the construction work took over the whole parking lot. Meaning: it was right in front of us, blocking our view, making loud noise to our ears. Some people looked at us from the window, they might have felt sorry for us.

Nelly, the Jehovah witness woman, came and gave us strawberries. She was disappointed that we didn't come on sunday to their meeting so we promised we come on tuesday. The place is called: kingdom hall. The older fruit lady also talked to us through Nelly. She was the one who gave us the strawberries for free. She asked us why do we choose to dance here and if we need a licence. She saw us at the market and in the newspaper. The man with the big car was also there and our fan woman who always smiles. Two new men also said Moie. We feel a growing community. We belong here now.


30th August

We were a bit lost today but made very good footage. At this point of time we did not really know why we are doing these footages. We were quite lonely although we got some attention from the construction workers. They really tolerated us by now.

Because we did not really dance in the morning, we decided to dance in the market. We choose The movies and it felt good to be back on the dance floor. We also had a long talk trying to figure out the continuation and this is the point where we understood why we have to film: To capture the precious moments with its ups and downs during these 5 weeks in Lajo. Besides that sticking to dance is important because this is the way we communicate and the way we are accepted. We were satisfied with this conclusion.

As promised in the evening, we went to the Kingdom hall to visit the Jehovah meeting. We were quite nervous before but because we take every invitation serious we had to go. People were very excited to see new faces at the meeting. We got introduced to everybody through Nelly and she was proud to see us there. It was sweet. There was a small room for the English speakers with brother someone leading the session. Everybody was very well dressed except us. We got a book for the session so we could sing along the songs and read the Bible. We could not stay till the end.






31st August


Morning joker.

At 14.00 we met Suvi to shoot our hockey Fan video clip. First we went to her house to collect all our props: 2 t shirts, 2 scarves, 2 foxes mascottes, 2 flags and posters. After that Suvi directed us in a very professional way in order to achieve a truthful fan video. She translated us the lyrics of the supporter songs. We wrote it down phonetically so we could sing it along. We decorated the room, dressed up and begun. Our second location was the hockey stadium, in which we could of course not enter but we will come back on friday for the real match.



1st September

All our usual characters were back today. It even felt like crowded for a while. Suvi was filming us as a paparazzi and later on helped us to interview Jari and Maarit in their living room. The interview went really nice. We know a lot about them now. They met five years ago and since then they are deeply in love. Maarit has two kids and she is very happy to see us from the window because it is something different than police cars. Jari showed us the balcony where they look at us. They have chillies and salads there. Their house is full of photograph of the people they love.

The guy with the big car gave us a compliment. He said, we dance very good, our costume is great in Europe but beats everyone in the US. He did not want us to take a picture of him. He made a gesture which we believed the religious cross but later on Suvi said it was only to show that there is no good to show his face in a picture.