As artists, it is very difficult to make capital, as most of the time we depend heavily on public funds, and we have ‘absolutely no knowledge on how to make money’, so to speak. Therefor, after unfolding the backsides of the service-industry and joining city-greens maintenance work in Amsterdam North, we explored retail-trade by doing a three-week intensive in-service training in marketing with the shop-owners and vendors of the Bijlmer-Poort shops. We absorbed their years of knowledge and insights for building up a successful business; ‘work hard’, ‘listen to your customers’, ‘deliver quality’ - and sales-tricks; ‘be daring and patient’ - and realised our business plan. It is not that our product really came out of this study as such, it was somehow already there, waiting.. and then, it found us: our product came to us.

Project in collaboration with CBK Zuidoost, with Clara Garcia Fraile and Nienke Scholts

During our research we also bring the MOHA impact-product collection outside the art-gallery to test its quality, impact and sales-potential on the actual market. In our shop/stand in the Amsterdamse Poort (Anton de Komplein) we interact with local buyers, traders and clients in order to improve and perfectionalise this brand-new MOHA item.