Super Routine is a card game created to celebrate stories of the people, places, and objects of the “Lost Island”, an area of Amsterdam West called Zeeheldenbuurt. The game collects largely invisible details from daily life in the area; shops we pass but never enter, places we bring our children to play, a favourite bridge, the bench where we like to sit, and invites players to explore their surroundings in new ways. It is a tribute to the small, the unnoticed, the ordinary, and the banal. Cards have been distributed to specific people but also placed in public space to be randomly found, leaving a trace of our work behind. The collection can be seen, read, and played by anyone, becoming a form of collective knowledge for the area.

We walked, we followed, we observed, as well listened to the rumours and myths of this Island. Its streets, shores, and ghosts. We learned that Judith swims outside every morning at 7:00. We learned that the secret garden can only be seen from Kiki’s window. We learned that the sailors used to sing to the swans at late night.

Now it is time to release all these legends, tales, and routines as if they were precious secrets given from one to another.

Be the curious one who discover them. Be the adventurous one who will share them. Choose one card and start to play.

Project hosted and produced by Veem Huis voor Performance in the frame of 100 days house.