Dear Player,

welcome to the SUPERROUTINE game. The game that was created to celebrate the routines and tales of the people, places and objects of the Lost Island, also called Zeeheldenbuurt. The game is to see the small, the unnoticed, the ordinary, and the banal again as though it was the first time. Like walking the same path each time anew.

We walked, we followed, we observed, as well listened to the rumors and myths of this Island. Its streets, shores, and ghosts. We learned that Judith swims outside every morning at 7:00. We learned that the secret garden can only be seen from Kiki’s window. We learned that the sailors used to sing to the swans at late night.

Now it is time to release all these legends, tales, and routines as if they were precious secrets given from one to another.

Be the curious one who discover them. Be the adventurous one who will share them. Choose one card and start to play.