“The Spring Dance is the opening ritual. Our entrance into the city. Our moment to say hello, to appear, to build our concentration, to listen quietly and to share the intimacy of our group. It is a precious moment where we reveal ourselves. We don’t ask for much attention, we are just here, with our humble presence. We do our dance because we must. It is fragile and intimate. It is the moment to surrender to that state.”




“The Stick Dance is the moment to claim the city and to make ourselves heard. Through this dance, we gain power and we transform the city to our own. We are the explorers, the curious adventurers who are giving a different voice to our city. We are not only loud, but we bring nuances, like sharing a little quiet secret. We listen. We make a dance with our sticks. A music.”



“The Hand Dance is the celebration after we finally arrived. First, we prepared our entrance to the outside world, with the Spring Dance, then we claimed our space with the Stick Dance, and now we are ready to celebrate. Like a wedding. A wedding with the city in which our hands do the wedding dance. It is the chaotic dance in public space where the only space we can be sure of, is our body, and for the rest we need to negotiate with the others. It is the space which leads us to invite people because the only thing you need, is to grab a hand and you will be taken by the flow. It is a constant movement. A flow. A circulation. A celebration.”



“The Scarf Dance is our last dance. Our grand finale, where we leave the city until we are back again. It is not about us dancing anymore but about the movement we create together and what will resonate in the space once we are gone. We use the scarfs to make this movement visible. We make our scarfs dance and we will leave them behind. It is our good-bye dance for this day.”