SuperRoutine – Aly

We moved at the beginning of October in Zeehelden buurt as part of our project with Veem huis SuperRoutine. We sent as a welcome, 200 letters to our new neighbours. Next Tuesday we will send 1.000 letters each one with a personal address.

Aly wrote us that she moved here in the neighbourhood 40 years ago when she was pregnant form her first child. She said they had to find a new house fast because where they used to live was getting renovated. She had then a second child in the zeheeldenbuurt and is still living there now. Her children live now in Harlem and Den Haag they have their own children as well. She is a grand-mother.

She came to visit us this Tuesday and had a tee with me. She accepted our invitation to share one of important routine of her with us and to tell us its story. She will think about it and write us where and when we should join her. She said that the routines when you work and you have kids are very different from the routines of when you work and your kids grew up and left the house, or the routine of when you get retires. What you see in the streets, where you go, who you meet is different. We talked about retirement and how it is to have to change suddenly your daily life. She is retired for 2 years now.

To avoid living alone she welcomes students to live with her temporarily. They do not have to pay rent, only their food. Often they come form U.S which is a good occasion for her to practice her english.

She studied dutch literature. When she was still a student she taught illiterate adults how to write and read dutch in a buurthuis nearby. A lot of them where children of sailors who grew up on boats and did not really go to school. There use to be a lot of sailors in the neighborhood.

We talked about the changes in the neighborhood. She said she doesn't mind it except the very tall building, she finds it too much out of proportion.