6 years ago, we promised to dedicate our time, energy and effort, - into keeping the fire alive - in our work. No matter how hard it would get, how poor we would become, or how uncertain our life would be, - we would never give up. - Impossible would never be an option for us. During those years, we didn’t only believe this but as well made it as our duty, to share this philosophy. So, we put all our passion and resources, days and nights, months after months, years after years, into this cause.

We travelled, we worked, we kept on going. The different challenges, we took them, we faced them, we weren’t afraid to embrace them. We got refused, we fell, yet stood up again. We got a side job so we would not have to worry. We were out there and we tried. We became art workers, organizers, care-takers, facilitators, maintaining a lot of stuff around, carving lenses, truck drivers, waitresses, social workers, mediators, cleaners, improvised urbanists and hosts. We wanted to have an impact.

Yet we failed.

The weight became too heavy. The results remained invisible in the eyes of the many.

We were too small. Too fragile and we didn’t have enough resources.

Although we enjoyed our colorful projects. It was just not enough.

Unfolding Routines is our search to find a new inspiration of work through the work of the others....


Project funded by BankGiro Loterij Fonds, AFK, Playful Art, Jo van Den Bosch, Over Het Ij, CBK Zuidoost, Grand Theatre Groningen, Leeuwarden Fryslan 2018.