Hereby our confession..

6 years ago, we promised to dedicate our time, energy and effort, into keeping the fire alive in our work. No matter how hard it would get, how poor we would become, or how uncertain our life would be, we would never give up. Impossible would never be an option for us. We would always believe, that small things are the one that make the difference.

During those years, we didn’t only believe this but as well made it as our duty. We wanted to share this philosophy. So, we put all our passion and resources, days and nights, months after months, years after years, into this cause. We travelled, we worked, we kept on going. The different challenges, we took them, we faced them, we weren’t afraid to embrace them. We got refused, we fell yet stood up again. We got a side job so we would not have to worry. We were out there and we tried. We became über- flexible, always available, adaptable, moving in and out, multitasking, fixing, negotiating, always running.

We went in all directions. Going on and on and proud. Standing straight and strong. Walking front line. We have been leading. We have been dancing along. We have been following. Obedient to our vows.

Yet we failed..

We just wanted to save the world but...

The weight became too heavy. The results remained invisible in the eyes of the many.

We were too small. Too fragile and we didn’t have enough resources.

Although we enjoyed our colourful projects. It was just not enough.

Unfolding Routines is our subsequent search to re-articulate who we are and what we do as artists. We decided to take internships in different fields in order to compare them with our own profession. Through this project, we have explored the backside of the service industry in a family run hotel in Den Bosch, joined the city maintenance department in Amsterdam North, followed an intensive marketing course with shop owners of the Bijlmer Poort (a suburb in south east Amsterdam). We have cleaned rooms at the Student Hotel in Groningen. And we have integrated ourselves into the routines of a seniors’ residence, cleaning, preparing food, and talking to residents. By closely working with the people from these fields, we reflect together on both our position in society as artists and on theirs as citizens. At the end of each internship, we create performances and tours where we invite a wider public into the discussion with the common ground developed through collaboration.

 Project funded by BankGiro Loterij Fonds and AFK