Dear Passenger, our company provides you a premium nature service in addition when renting a room at a hotel, motel, or other place of lodging. Our upscale full-service facility offers luxury amenities, including a personalized room service, a perverse but modest spying, and a moment of feeling exceptional. Search for our desk if you are ready to enter someone else’s protocol in order to augment your reality. Our Receptionist guides you to the exclusive tour into The Hotel.

And remember: In order to recharge, you need to unplug.

As a side activity, Moha has begun to develop personalized tours, focusing on service industry: giving tours inside of hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities, spas or post offices among others.

The reason behind creating such tours is, the realization that in this field (service industry – any kind of business that does work for a costumer) many research has been done to improve the experience of the costumer, however, there is very little knowledge if none, from the other side. The experience of the provider - a person or a group providing a service.

The process of satisfying the client always has to renew itself because in order to reach absolute satisfaction, all involved, provider and consumer need to have their experience taken in consideration. And for now, we are lacking the experience of the provider.

In order to bring this two sides together, beyond the actual service exchange, we realized that first we need to give more visibility to the background of the provider.  Therefor we begun to develop a test tour which enables you to step into the experience of the provider in a completely new and unexpected way, not as a consumer in a need of something, but as a seeker of a new insight you haven’t known before.