Dear care,

Since I can remember, you have always been there. When someone was born, got sick, needed an encouraging word, touch, but also in the bigger system, in the way everything works, rivers, air, warmth and cold. You were and are a driving force in most of things. You simply act, often unnoticed, generous, no need of reward: hiding in a warm lunch one shares, in a joke to make us laugh when we are in pain, or in a “how is it going” to the one who is never being asked anymore.

Unfortunately you are not everywhere, at every house, by every child, animal, woman or man. Sometimes you are not even close, so we even forget about you. It is also getting harder and harder for you, I noticed, as we are entering an era of increasing and intensifying disasters all around.... I feel like everyone and everything needs you right now. When I talk to people about you, they often talk about fragments and traditions from the past, like how things used to be, rather than about an imagined future. Turning to the past, somehow makes them hopeless about you. So many things changed... I don’t think you are hopeless. I think the opposite. I think, exactly because we are having difficult times, we can now imagine something new, something different, emerging into the unexpected.
And I count on you in this.

I count on you Care.

 Dear caregiver,

You might be a zorgverlener, a social worker, a teacher or someone who takes care of a relative or of a friend. You might deal with it on a practical way, cleaning, driving, cooking or on a more personal level, advising, discussing, laughing, spending time. Both, to my eyes, are intimately linked with one another, and therefor to Care.

This is something we share with each other, because you know, we also take care of people, in our own way. We were now three weeks at Nijlanstate. We slept there and took part of the everyday routines of this place, we joined the cleaners in their shift, the care team, the cooks, but we also joined the activities with the bewoners, shared with them a tea or a walk, and together we discussed about Care.

And dear caregiver, because of the work you do, we know that you know Care very well, you work with her on a daily basis, you have seen her many times... So, we would be very happy if you could join us and add your knowledge to this discussion.