The Roof – experts of imagination

Today was the first construction day for the children of Brood en Spelen BSO.  They are very enthusiastic about the project and started their first phase of research. We asked them to build a building which they think is missing in the city. After an imaginary investigation this is what they came up with:

-Water castle (“everyone can get clean water for free, in the castle you can do with water whatever you want”)

-Terugvindtpaleis (“for when you got lost; go there and you will be found”)

-Star home (“a home in the figure of a star with on the floor only mattresses and a glass sealing for if you want to look at the stars”)

-Electrical kitchen (“that provides for every single person the perfect meal with not too much meat, calories etc.”)

-House of the future (“consists of several houses, the idea behind it I didn’t get so far”)

-A few houses with feet and wings that can fly into space (“for if you want to float for a moment, or to flee from war on earth”)

They first came to the Veem theatre for a visit of the building. There they came up with their first human Roof and made the first drawings of their utopique building. The second session was the transformation from 2D to 3D. Towers, beds, stars, roofs are being built with foam, glue and a cutting knife.

On the 18th November from 18.00, their models will be exhibited for the first Discussion event of The Roof at Veem.

Program Stad-utopia developed by Ruben beentjes, Merel Noorlander and Ellenoor Bakker