The Roof – first event ” What is your roof?”


The theme of our first event was "What is your roof". We started downstairs at 18.00 with the exhibition of the first models from the children of BSO Brood en Spelen. Each kid prepared a little introduction of his/her work which he/she gave publicly as part of the opening of the event. Later on Moha team introduced the concept of The Roof to the audience/participants following the form of a story telling. We divided into small groups to have dinner and to open a conversation following the subject of the evening. Is a roof an object? Is it something which protects us? Is it a place to be alone or with people? What do we expect from a roof? What do we associate it with? Can the roof be a metaphor? Can the roof be someone? Can the roof be an action?

 With all these questions we started to trigger imagination, from the basic idea of a fix triangle shaped roof of a house, we quickly moved to more poetic and surprising ideas. A roof being a moment to share, a roof being the father voice, a roof being a tree, a place to make your rules, a place different than a home, a place to hide from social obligation, a turtle, an umbrella, a sign...

After the dinner, following these different inspirations, each group started to build an instant roof with the materials they could find in the theatre. We made a presentation of each roof and brought all of them together to form one big roof.

Through the whole evening we had different interventions from guests (amateurs and professionals) whom we asked to prepare ,with the artistic forms they liked the most, something to give a voice to "their roof". We heard a Rap but also a short poem, we had a dance and a moment of cheering.  These actions also helped to form the roof of this evening and to make us approach the subject from multiple perspectives.

The Roof artistic team: Artistic directors-  Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky, Designer- Merel Noorlander, Relational Architect - Zsofia Paczolay, Dramaturg - Nienke Schots, Satellite performance- Arthur Kneepkens, Rexallan Clemensia, Photgraphy - David Cenzer

The Roof is supported by AFK, Bank Giro Loterij, Cultuur Participatie