The Roof preparation

The Roof is in the middle of its preparation, through discussions, little gatherings and encounters. The concept keeps growing, moving, morphing. It seems like The Roof is for now an action, something which exist when we are creating it together. Coming from all different ideas and minds with different associations:  What if The Roof is a poem? or a dance? What if The Roof is a manifest? Is a Roof home? 

The construction phase will start from 14 November and this is when all this ideas will take different forms. We are looking forward.

For now, we wander in the neighbourhood asking people what they think. We get advised on a square where one think The Roof should be, one knows to whom we should talk , one gives something which can inspire us. Every Tuesday we are having brainstorms about this  with different groups of people, from talking and sharing images, drinking wine around a small table or  dancing under a blanket, all different ways of thinking are welcome. We started as well to visit every Monday MAKOM, a shelter from the Regenboog group. We sat, waited, talked, imagined our dream spaces, and drew together, trying to find a way to understand each other's ideas.Next Monday, our other important experts, the kids from the neighborhood, are gonna start a research on Utopia and feed our process with their crazy ideas.

The Roof is already getting constructed as a collective idea. Multiple Roofs, different for one another, depending on what we need and what we want.