The Roof – Utrecht university research – ICAF festival Rotterdam


In our last edition of The Roof at ICAF in Rotterdam, 3 students from Utrecht university followed our work and made a blog about it. Here are some extract of their posts and interviews:

"We are a group of Community Art course students at Utrecht University on a mission to explore theoretical and practical concepts of Community Art. Through our field work at the International Community Art Festival (, which will take place in Rotterdam from 29. March until 2. April 2017, we will explore the Moha Project ( – The Roof. Since the word “roof” in the Moha Project represents many things, sometimes it is an object, sometimes and idea, we decided to call our research project Roof Over Community Art (ROCA) and open a discussion about such art, its use and aesthetic value to communities. In our project we wish to include a variety of views and opinions, question them and stimulate people to share their experiences with us."



Trailer from their experience of The Roof first day of ICAF.



Interview with Eugene Erven, director of ICAF , about MOHA and The Roof