The Walks are a series of four walks through Amsterdam, each based on a different type of  social gathering; the carnival (where people create their own rules), the protest (where participants claim space and demand to be heard), the funeral (a ritual of mourning to let go of something) and the march (a simple yet powerful gesture of walking together as a group). Each walk lasts around 2 hours, and brings together a core group of participants, with both intentional and accidental audience. The piece serves as a poetic reflection on a neighbourhood, a platform to have new encounters, and an invitation to view our city together in a new way.

 Project in collaboration with Theaterwerkplaats Nieuw Amstelrade. Hosted by Modestraat, FLAM, Podium Mozaiek, Ontmoetingplek Dacosta, OAZO, buurthuisArchipel,  Wijk 7. Photography- Machiel Hulster