Public maintenance department – Amsterdam North

Monday 27th May

After a year we are coming back to work and dig further our relation to the public maintenance department of Amsterdam North.

As usual we were nervous because it was our first day. We always imagine that people will hate us in all the places where we go. We always wonder how we can decide to put ourselves in such situations. Yet we know deep down that as soon as we start, it all makes sense. + no-one really hates us.

We entered and the first person we met was Jarno whom we know from last year. It already gave us a familiar feeling. Very fast we started to feel more comfortable. Everybody there is always very sweet with us.

Today our team was composed by Ramazan, Abdel, Martin and Gus. Gus and Martin were already here last year. Ramazan and Abdel got transferred from Nieuwe west to this team in September.

In the truck there is a nice atmosphere. The team enjoys each other’s company. They tease each other like usual and we slowly take part of this ritual.

There is a new presence: an Ipad, which indicates the mission to follow and where.
The Ipad is the new boss. The opinion about it is mixed.

The morning is quite relaxed. We covered the shopping mall of DeBanne.Familiar place to us. We were already cleaning it last year. No need of a big speech, we are ready for the "pricken".
We go to the bushes in which all sort of small trash get stuck and start our routine.

With the team we talk about life, kids and family. Is it better to have a boy or a girl?

We come back to the base.
Conclusion from the new boss: This year we have to wear security shoes.

Friday 31st May

Today we met our dear Paul again. Paul was pretty active in the first part of our project last year and we we were therefore looking forward to this meeting. He asked us how is our project going. We asked him how is the work going. He told us that with the change he is not anymore the team leader because he would have had to take the position in another place and he wanted to stay in North. He likes to be able to bike to work. He seems happy about his decision. Next week we will work by his side.

For now we get again in the car with Ramazan amd Abdel and we clean De Banne like we did on Monday.

On friday it is "Kippetje dag". So after cleaning we all got in the car and Gus took us to this secret place where everybody gets their chicken for the break.

The woman who works there knows them very well. She also likes to paint caws.

After that we did a little car ride through the quiet streets of north.

In the break we tasted the famous chicken.

Ps: we got upgraded. Now we have a locker with a key for the woman changing room ;)