Who wants to be a magic transformer?



Have you always dreamt as a kid to become a Knight, a Princess or a King? Have you looked for some Witches stories to scare you at night or watched adventurous out-of-space movies to feed your never ending thirst for adventures? Do you like to dress up?

 ?   THE MAGIC TRANSFORMERS ?                       


Every Tuesday evening from the 19th March on starting at 19.00 on Kinkerstraat 42/Amsterdam


 If you are curious to join into something a little unusual, If you are not looking for a typical dance class but more of a place to experiment and let go at the end of the day, then this is maybe the place for you. We are a lot of different people, we don’t judge, we embrace awkward moments and we play with what we have.

Any questions and curiosity contact us on: info[at]mohaproject.com

 Magic transformers is a project by Move.Dance.Act an open research lab operating weekly in Amsterdam. The aim is to practice “working together” through open artistic research with a diverse group of 12-15 people per week--professionals and amateurs, with different socio-cultural backgrounds and ability levels. Over time, MDA has become an organizational locus for various events and projects in Amsterdam, initiating critical dialogues and connections within disparate communities across the city.